Thought processing can be very bizarre, bringing in all sorts of weird thoughts, the doubtfulness and sometimes that doesn’t even feel like normal human-self. Anxiety can be way more troubling in precious times, right at the exact moment when confidence and presence of mind are of utmost importance.

Anxiety levels change depending on the past emotions a person felt and the present situation. While drinking is often considered as relaxation, more than 6 units intake can be risky when you are a shy person. Whereas, hangxiety is the gradual increase in anxiety after every hangover, depending on the amount of alcohol intake.

While the worry about being highly shy and anxious exists, this hangxiety leads to other redundant thoughts and emotions which bring more anxiousness than Hangxiety.

Changing emotions or feelings can be tough. But, knowing about them certainly makes doing the right thing easier (probably faster too).

Few common situations can be considered.

  • Overthinking about opinions, feelings.
  • Low emotional intelligence, unable to recognize own emotions and recognize them.
  • The surrounding people and their behavior. Could also include childhood environment.
  • Serious trauma which could lead to overthinking or no thinking.
  • Addiction to things from small things to dangerous ones like drugs.

Unfortunately, being an ideal person, fulfilling responsibilities without any exceptions of anything from anyone, could also lead to anxiety.

“The word ‘Happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” – Carl Jung.

Now that you know why anxiety occurs, and how it could increase without your knowledge, you are expected to take better decisions for yourself for your own benefit. That can’t be always true, can it? You can have problems of your own, something which only you seem to have, something impossible. But, also remember that whatever it is that’s troubling you no matter how small it is, you have it because you are capable of handling it. When you are assigned a work at a job, it is because it is believed you are capable of doing it. When something unexpected turns up when something making you break your own ethics comes up, figure a way out.

Sometimes, its okay to do the unforeseen.