Meghana Kandra
Currently finishing my master's in Journalism and Mass Communication from an Open University. A huge supporter of every woman trying to make it in this world. I am an optimist and keen explorer.
Ayeda Shada, Influencer, Brave, Social media

Ayeda Shadab: An Influencer In A War-Torn Country

The 28-year old Ayeda Shadab from Afghanistan has more followers on Instagram than the president, Ashraf Ghani. Social Media influencers changed the world's perspective of worn-zone countries. Ayeda Shadab is one of those brave influencers who faced a lot of difficulties while shooting in violence-ridden cities.

Can Enola Holmes Prompt Others To Be A Feminist?

This is not a typical Sherlock Holmes story where the story is stuck to finding clues and solving a mystery. The main character represents much more than just being a detective, it's a woman's story.
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