Every month, Women’s Republic will write a letter to its female readers, aiming to empower women by having honest conversations about how we subconsciously put men on a pedestal. The series will help women to de-center themselves from the men in their lives, unlock their ‘shakti’ (power) and re-focus their energies on enhancing their own mental and physical wellbeing. Please reach out to us if you want something covered or have a question you’d like us to answer.

Dear Ladies,

This is the final letter of the year. Unlike the previous ones, I won’t be giving you advice. We’ve worked through so many issues through these letters, and if any one of you have been able to unlock your Shakti (power) because of them – I am so grateful.

And if you still haven’t been able to work on all the issues we’ve discussed, then this ones for you.

You tried – that’s good enough.

It’s a daunting task to work on your mental and physical wellbeing. But this year made it an especially daunting task. We were already dealing with toxic relationships and male privilege, and 2020 made sure that these things weighed down on us like a tonne of bricks. We wrestled so hard with male toxicity – whether it was because we were stuck at home more often, physically spent less time with positive female energy, or were unable to practice independence due to all the restrictions looming over our heads.

So I want you to know something – it’s okay to feel weak sometimes too. I want you to become the most self-assured and confident version of yourselves. But it also takes time to develop the ability to do so. And it comes with its challenges. Part of being a powerful person is not just knowing what you must change – but also accepting the things you can’t change.

Sometimes, it’s okay to feel like you haven’t made enough progress. Or feel tired, stressed and pessimistic.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s been a tough year – and I am so proud of the womxn that is blooming inside.

Give lots of love to yourself this New Year’s Eve, regardless of where you’re at mentally.

Until the new year,


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