Miss Feminist 0 730

I’m not some subverted perversion of society
I’m just trying to be
Someone who I’m proud to be…
Is that so hard to believe?

I can save you
Cut the fleece from your blindfolded eyes
Trust fall
I’m here for you
But you’re not here for me

It’s not fair
They call me radical
But I’m not the one
Peacocking my Bush/Reagan 84 shirts
Down the halls for all y’all — to see

Well now it’s time for you to see
That I won’t be silenced again
That I won’t back down
Not for one damn second

From now on
It’s women’s lib til the very end
Yeah, I’m a feminist, and honestly…
I’m done with your —

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I'm a 16 year old women's rights activist from Fort Worth, Texas. I'm the founder and president of the feminist club at my high school and a writer for "Women's Republic." I volunteer my time to my community and local women running for office. I am passionate about ending Texas state legislation that is harmful to women.

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