As Pride Month is sadly slowing down and coming to an end, I’ve decided to dedicate an article to bisexuality. It’s time to make bisexuals visible.

There are many assumptions when it comes to bisexuality. Here are four common assumptions:

  • 1. Those Who Label Themselves Bisexual Are Just Confused

This is one of the most common assumptions for bisexuals. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. Some people out there truly believe that because someone likes girls and boys he or she must be confused. “What, you can’t make up your mind?” “You cannot like both! It’s just not possible!” Well, it’s very much possible. Those who identify as bisexual are, in fact, attracted to both girls and boys. They are not confused. Instead, they know exactly what they want! Sometimes they’ll date girls, and sometimes they’ll date boys. And guess what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

  • 2. Bisexuals Are Just Doing It For Attention

This is so wrong! Much like other sexualities, bisexuals date whomever they are attracted to (physically, mentally, emotionally). Bisexuals do not date the opposite or same sex in order to gain attention from others. Their choices are solely about them and who they love.

  • 3. It’s All About Experimentation

Did anyone else cringe when they read this? Bisexuals are not scientists. Their sexuality is not an experiment or a phase, for that matter. They don’t decide if they like girls or if they like boys through the dating process. They do not use their partners as experimental tools.

  • 4. Bisexuals Are Fake

This assumption pertains to the instances in which bisexuals date someone of the opposite sex. Once they begin dating the opposite sex, they’re automatically labeled as fake. “You must be heterosexual now that you’re dating someone of the opposite sex!” This isn’t true, because, of course, bisexuals like both girls and boys!

These assumptions (and there are many more) establish the message or belief that the “B” in LGBTQ+ is not real; it’s invisible. And, many individuals develop this way of thinking. These assumptions are incorrect, hurtful, and destroy the validity of a human being and his or her sexuality.

So, here’s the truth. Bisexuality is very much real. The “B” exists for a reason! There are so many people out there that like both girls and boys. Instead of questioning them, telling them their sexuality is impossible, or spewing assumptions, why don’t we just accept them? Why don’t we tell them we’re proud that they exist? They make this world just a little bit more colorful. After all, love is love, and their love is marvelous.

Happy Pride Month to all the beautiful bisexuals out there!