The greatest bosses throughout history were and are women! Well, one of the biggest, Cleopatra, is a true example of a girl boss!

Cleopatra, a true example of a girl boss!
Cleopatra, a true example of a girl boss! Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

The best way to understand why we all have been raised under male awareness is through examples. Here is a practical and easy one, let’s review what we have learned while we studied history.

Think about the greatest hero or boss you studied. Okay, now, let’s try to remember another one (Hint: for most of us, one, or at least both greatest bosses from history, were men). It happened to me throughout most of my life. Until, one day, I realized the fact that any woman came into my mind while doing that exercise!

In most countries, the most important topics reviewed in history are man-related. Even thought the truth is that the greatest bosses throughout history were women. So, to continue raising women awareness, it is time for us to remember some of the greatest heroes and bosses from history. And that fun fact: most of them were and are women.

Cleopatra: As a Woman

Cleopatra: As a Woman.
Cleopatra: As a Woman. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

If there is something Cleopatra is known for is for being a really attractive and outstanding woman. In most historical researches, the queen is portrayed as an enigmatic, strong, sexy, and smart woman. Actually, her beauty has been the center of controversies. That is something completely normal under male awareness. So, you may find researchers that characterize her as a beautiful woman for her culture. While others might say her beauty was not specifically physical. But those controversies only confirm the fact that the queen was and stills an influential and attractive woman.

Cleopatra is one of the most famous women in history. Her story, personality, and essence have been an inspiration for writers for over centuries. And at her time, the queen was respected, admired, and even dreaded and hated by many. That is not surprising considering that historians state that she was an outstanding woman. She was a well-prepared and fully trained leader. So, Cleopatra was not only impressive because of her personality or essence but from her intelligence and capabilities.

One of the most interesting things about the queen is that she was proud of being a woman. If you ask me, I think Cleopatra was a woman with really well-understood self-knowledge. She knew that as a woman she had some weak points compared to her brothers, but she preyed on that. She knew being a woman was something she could use in her favor. For example, she knew her strategic alliances would be stronger if there was an intimate relationship built around it. So, the queen took her attractive being and used it as one of her most discreet and useful weapons. Yes, she was a true girl boss!

Cleopatra: as a Queen

Cleopatra, as a queen.
Cleopatra, as a Queen. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Cleopatra ruled Ancient Egypt for around 21 years. The queen and her brother Ptolemy XIII received the shared throne when Cleopatra was only 18 years old. And since the very start, she determined to rule. The queen suddenly showed she was a well-prepared and capable co-regent. So, Cleopatra became a threat to her 10-year-old brother and his guardians and advisers.

That was when things started to get tricky for the girl boss. Her brother and his guardians and counselors were able to make a big revolt against the queen’s rule, and as a result, she was expelled from her own country. But Cleopatra was smarter than that. She knew there were bigger and more powerful empires than the one she used to co-rule with her brother. Also, the girl boss knew she was meant to be the queen, so she prepared and studied a strategy for her return.

Speaking about her return, there is nothing more girl boss than that. Cleopatra spent three years in exile, but in that time, she improved, studied, and became a stronger and smarter version of herself. This is the best example of the fact that she was an outstanding strategist and proud of being a woman. The queen took advantage of her attractiveness and built her first alliance ever. With one of the most powerful men of the era, Julius Caesar. The girl boss seduced and attracted him to start a relationship from which she built an alliance.

Also, as a queen, Cleopatra was a strategist. She was not only responsible for her country’s development through alliances with bigger empires. But also, the girl boss was a warrior queen. She was able to command her army by even personally leading them, even though her reign was one of the most conflictive and chaotic in her country.

Why Cleopatra was a girl boss

Why Cleopatra was a Girl Boss
Why Cleopatra was a Girl Boss. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Based on her time as a queen, she exemplifies many qualities of what a girl boss embodies: her capabilities, her behaviors, and how other people see her. But here, are some reasons that, for me, made her is an authentic example of girl boss:

  • A smart queen: I’ve talked before about this. Cleopatra was not only well-prepared, but she was also really intelligent. The queen had a wide knowledge of many topics and languages. She was able to convey her intelligence through her speech. Many historians define her as a ruler who attracted people through conversations. Cleopatra was an enjoyable company, and someone to listen and to talk to.
  • Her strong faith in herself: Cleopatra had two qualities that made her conquer so much and became a girl boss. First is her self-knowledge. The queen was aware of her capabilities, her weaknesses, her strengths, and how to use them in her favor. And secondly, she had a huge self-appreciation or self-love. Cleopatra loved herself through the point of firmly believing she was the reincarnation of a goddess.

Personally, I think Cleopatra is a true girl boss, and we all, as womxn, should be proud of her. No matter the value and moral slopes her actions and behaviors could have. Because she is an example of a successful and influential woman ruler. Not only in her era but even nowadays. So, let’s start teaching young women and girls that, girl bosses, have always been there. And that we all can become one if we combine our knowledge and our essence, just as the queen of queens Cleopatra did.

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