I am sorry. I am sorry I did not see it. I am sorry I did not listen.I am sorry I did not help.

I now know that your tears were not normal. That your silence was not okay. That he did not love you as much as I thought.

Please, forgive me. Forgive me for trying to make you be empathic. For agreeing with him at times. For making you apologize.

I feel terrible. I know I should not have laughed at his jokes. I should not have participated on a show put on to humilliate you, all disguised as “consensual jokes”. I should not have said you were overreacting.

I am  a mess. I should have paid more attention. I should have being more careful. I should have asked you again if you were being treated as you deserve.

I hope you can see my apologies are real.

That your pain is yours and I know I cannot feel it, but I will be here to help.

Now, listen.

You were built to accomplish the unimagible.

You will come back from these ashes stronger as you have never been.

You will look upon the eyes of fear itself and you will realize that you are not afraid anymore.

This has been traumatic, disgusting, unfair, unnecesary and devastating for a soul like yours.

But you were brave. Even without my help, you realized your wings had not been cut. They had only been tied.

Now you will fly again and you will know what you need and what you want.

By taking the chance to love again, especially love yourself again, you are making a revolutionary statement. You are teaching us all to see abuse and run away from it, before it consumes us like it almost did with you.

Now, scream. 

I am still here.
And I will be okay.

Let them watch you be reborn and make the world your home.

You are wild, brave, valuable and, over all, you are yours.