Clara Manrique
Clara Manrique is an 19-year-old girl who loves reading, writing and talking. She is studying to become an Elementary School Teacher as she believes it's only through education that we can change the world.
Health & Wellness

My Period, My Rules

We have periods. Isn’t it crazy how this can still be a taboo on 2018? We menstruate. We bleed through


No Place For Girls

I hang out with my cousin and my sister the other day. We talked about how scary it is to


I Wish Feminism Upon You

Dear sister: I am not radical. I am not crazy. I am not lost. I am not confusing terms. Please,


You Are A Rapist

You will not be reported. You will not feel ashamed. You will never say “I’m sorry.” You will never go


Staying Silent

There was a sentence that changed the way I saw very many situations that us humans face on a daily


Boys Are More Fun

You know, I have just recently realized that most comedians are men. I have just recently realized how often girls

FeminismMental Health


It is not new that women are often trapped in psychologically and emotionally abusive relationships. Many years of patriarchal education,

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