Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) will forever remain one of the most beloved characters in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans of the show desperately missed Addison at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Although Kate’s departure from Grey’s led to her very own spin-off series, Private Practice, nothing compares to Dr. Addison Montgomery in Seattle.

Dr. Addison Montgomery is back

Dr. Addison Montgomery returns to Grey's Anatomy

When the news broke that Dr. Addison Montgomery will return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for season 18 of Grey’s, fans went wild. Rightfully so, I must say. In addition, everyone knew it would be an important return for the character.

Her first appearance was in episode three: “Hotter Than Hell.” Dr. Addison Montgomery then made her departure in the following episode, “With a Little Help From My Friends.” I have to admit, I sobbed during the last scene between Amelia and Addison.

Although the medical case Addison works on is significant, (the first surgical uterine transplant), it’s honesty and discussion of mental health that makes her so important.

Mental health and confession of dark thoughts

During the pandemic, many people all around the world began experiencing mental health issues. Whether heightened anxiety or depression, dark thoughts are now common. Dr. Addison Montgomery knows this all too well.

Albeit, many individuals do not admit the dark thoughts they endure on a daily basis. But, Addison is not one to hide.

Yes, it is true that there is a stigma surrounding mental health. There is shame in a person admitting they have depression or suicidal thoughts. However, Addison takes the stigma and shame away.

She confesses to Amelia that during the beginning of the pandemic, she was not okay. Addison confesses that she drank a lot of red wine to cope with overwhelming feelings while at home all the time with her husband and son.

Dr. Addison Montgomery also talks with Amelia about dark thoughts. She admits to going “really dark” when discussing her personal life. She states, “I had dark, dark thoughts. I was daydreaming about going to sleep and never waking up — and that thought comforted me.”

Many people have these exact thoughts. I know I have. One gets to a point in life where the thought of death is comforting. The thought of freeing oneself from the pains and torture of mental health brings peace.

Dr. Addison Montgomery’s confession during this episode has helped many. Including myself.

If you want to read more about this, you can do so here.

Dr. Addison Montgomery’s importance

While we all loved seeing Dr. Addison Montgomery grace our television screens again, her presence was more than just filling the void in our hearts.

Addison’s presence was really important, because of the message she carried. Her confession helped others realize that they are not alone. They were never alone. It solidified the fact that many people have the same thoughts. Lastly, it comforted those who are struggling.

Addison showed fans that the struggle does not last forever. You can pick yourself up and do extraordinary things once more.

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