Makeup. It’s an addiction.

Makeup lovers walk into Sephora, Ulta, or even the makeup section at a drugstore and they feel at home. I happen to be one of those people. Collecting makeup is not only fun, but it’s a form of self-expression. I can do my makeup however I want and take it off at the end of the day. Makeup has no rules. That’s the best part about it.

In my years of collecting eye shadow, these are the four that I have to this day. They have been to hell and back with me so I’m glad to show them off to the world.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons


  • The packaging is adorable. It’s so easy to be happy when you see this palette because the eyeshadow pans are in the shapes of hearts. It’s also very durable. I’ve dropped this bad boy a million times and mine has never let me down. Nothing has ever cracked either. I also really like that it didn’t come with a brush because it’s so bothersome when there’s an empty space in the palette! This is what the inside looks like:
  • I’ve had mine for 10 months and the chocolate smell is still prominent. The best thing about using it is the smell. I promise it makes it SO worth it.
  • It has a mirror. It isn’t the best—but it’s a mirror nonetheless. I’ll never understand why retailers make palettes without mirrors. It’s just inconvenient.
  • The colors vary from neutrals to bolder shades. I know people are normally scared of palettes where you know you won’t use all the colors, but that’s hardly the case with this one. The colors are blend-able and pretty.
  • The looks that you can do with this are endless. Feeling a bold look? Go for it. Having a neutral kinda day? Knock yourself out.
  • Satin Sheets is the PRETTIEST highlighter. Ever.


Some swatches for you:



  • I know this is going to sound horrible… but this burned my eyes the first time I used it. I’ve read that it does that with most people the first time you apply because of the cocoa in it. It burns for a second and then it’ll never happen again. (I hope) It didn’t for me!
  • The matte shadow/highlight is called “Divinity,” and I have no clue what to use it for. When I’m on the lighter side I can pull of using it as a nose highlight but besides that I’ve found it useless.
  • “Black Currant” (the purple shade) is hard to blend. I don’t even bother.

Was it worth it? Yes. It isn’t the best that you can get but it is one of the best.

Rating? 7/10

Here’s the link to buy it in case you need a little more chocolate in your life. 

Modern Renaissance




  • Oh my god, everything. This is hands the best palette on the market.
  • The pigment is amazing. You barely touch the shadows and there’s so much color.
  • They are SO easy to blend. A little goes a long way and it’s amazing.
  • The colors. When you first look at the colors you think, “Reds? Oranges?” How would I ever wear that? That’s how I thought when I first looked at it, but then I bought it and fell in love. They’re amazing colors that all go with each other.
  • “Vermeer” and “Primavera” are the best shimmery shades on the market. I’d probably give my right leg to have them in bigger pans so I could use them as highlighters, but since I can’t, I use them as inner corner highlights! (I hit pan on “Vermeer” and I almost cried.)
  • It comes with a double ended brush and it’s amazing. One side is a fluffy brush and I use that blush to blend out my shadow every time I wear it.
  • Cons
  • The packaging could maybe be a little better. It’s almost fuzzy on the outside so it gets dirty easily. I honestly don’t mind it—but I know that it bugs a lot of people.
  • There’s fallout. That would normally take a palette from a 10 to an 8 real quick, but the pigment makes up for it.

Was it worth it? YES.

Rating: 10/10

Here’s the link to buy it. Please buy it and thank me later.



The Alchemist



  • This palette is the love of my life. The packaging is holographic on the box and on the cover of the actual palette itself. It’s beautiful.
  • The colors are all amazingly pigmented. I don’t know how she did it, but Kat Von D really outdid herself on this one.
  • You can wear the shades on your eyes, on your inner corner, or as a highlighter. They’re bold highlighters, but you can really only tell when you move into certain lights because they’re holographic shades. You turn to your left and you’re blinding, and you turn to the right and you’re still blinding—but you’re blinding with purple.



  • The pans are small. I was super excited to buy this but I was disappointed when I did because of the small pans. Honestly, I got over it fast because the pigment makes up for it.
  • The triangle shape is cute, but it bugs me. It’s just weird.

Worth it? Yes. Completely.

Rating? 10/10

Here’s the link to buy it so you can look like a fairy. 

 This is the one that I recommend the most if you need something new for your collection. Remember  that it’s hard to branch out with makeup if all you have is neutrals!


Swamp Queen


  • This palette is all in one. It has 9 eyeshadow shades, a highlighter, blush, and a bronzer shade. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling because it has half of your makeup routine all in one.
  • Most of the eyeshadows are pigmented enough. Tarte is really good with shimmer shades.
  • The highlighter is the best that I have ever tried. It stays on my face for hours on end without primer or setting spray.
  • The blush is really pretty and can work with any skin tone!


  • The lighter shades need some work. Tarte struggles with making their base shades pigmented and this palette proves that theory.
  • The bronzer color is… horrible. You can make it work if you really try but it’s basically orange and it’s filled with glitter. I used it for eyeshadow just to make use of it.
  • The brush sucks. I’ll never understand why Bunny (the creator) bothered with it.
  • It was limited edition and I’m not sure if Tarte is going to bring it back. My gut tells me yes so I decided to include it! 


Is it worth it? Yes. The bronzer sucks but everything else is pretty good!

Rating? 8/10

It’s currently in stock! Get it while you can by clicking here. 


I had Naked Palette but I sold it because I grew out of the colors. Without all the detail, I’d give it a 6/10. I couldn’t think of any looks to do. The other palettes that I’ve owned honestly aren’t worth mentioning.

Here’s some eyeshadow inspiration for you! 

Happy shopping!