Society has decided for women for a long time now that the sole purpose of womanhood is becoming a mother. Everything you do in your life, every decision you make leads up to having a baby. If you don’t get married and have children, you have failed as a woman. Well, just because we potentially¬†can reproduce, doesn’t mean we need to. And doesn’t mean we all actually can.

About 12% of women in the United States face infertility, but they are usually made to feel very alone in it. It is seen as if something is wrong with them for being unable to reproduce. I’ve heard women worrying about if they have an “inhospitable womb,” as if they’re running a hotel in there. It makes me feel bad, because so many women may want children, and not be able to have them, which probably feels bad enough, without other people judging them for having a medical condition.

Infertility is measured by attempting to-and being unable to conceive or carry through the pregnancy- for at least a year. It isn’t as uncommon as it seems. The actual probability of getting pregnant is about 25%, which is not a high odd, to begin with. So it’s just a bit lower for some folks. Infertility can be caused by so many factors, that the cause is not always determinable. But, irregular periods, environmental changes, hormonal imbalances, ovarian issues, weight issues, substance abuse, an unhealthy diet, and genetic problems are all potential possibilities.

Infertility can be treated by seeing an OBGYN, who will examine your eggs and how your Fallopian tubes are functioning. And then, from there, there are different possibilities for treatments, or your doctor will suggest having children by other methods.

Infertility does not have to be such a sad problem. By reducing the stigma around it, women will be able to deal with any health problems without feeling like they have failed as a woman.