Tasnim Akhtar was one of many admirable individuals that stood up not only for women’s rights, but also basic human rights. Many people may or may not know the incredible individual that this article is written about, but hopefully after reading it, you’ll know a little about Tasnim.

When we hear the word feminist, we associate it with a person who spends their time constantly elevating, empowering, and standing by women. We may also refer to a person who is compassionate or considerate of the needs of everyone around them, or people who use their voice for those who don’t exactly feel heard within their communities. Tasnim was a person who embodied these traits and more by addressing issues many in our communities were afraid to speak out about.

Tasnim was a vibrant soul that shined a luminous light in every person’s path that she would come across. She was a sincere and accepting human being that possessed numerous talents and a heart of gold. Whether she knew someone personally or not, she constantly reminded them of their strengths, and encouraged everyone to pursue their hopes and dreams. Tasnim’s kind demeanor is unforgettable. Never have I come across a more understanding and accepting presence in my lifetime. The impact that she had on the world was a tremendous one and the list of her wonderful traits is never-ending, but here are a few things that warm the heart to remember:

She would always take time out of her day to compliment people in her life, brightening the darkest of days (Girl Power):



Ever seen her photography? Some pictures she took in her free time back when she was 16:

-She possessed the greatest playlists and was extremely talented at the piano:
*Tasnim Akhtar (16) COVERS Coldplay “Clocks” [Piano Composition by Adrian Lee]


She participated in community protests and dedicated her time and energy to speaking out against blatant injustices that occur in this world:

She tackled many issues including calling out anti-blackness within South Asian communities


She placed great emphasis on the importance of self-love and taking care of ourselves and assisted people that wanted to take better care of their skin by sharing her extensive knowledge of skincare routines:


She stood up to known abusers, and always reminded people to empathize with survivors and stand by them:

In a world where culture tends to dehumanizes those with darker skin, she provided constant reminders that melanin is beautiful and sunlight is not our enemy:

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Can we just admire how beautiful she looks especially in a “Trust No Aunty” shirt?:

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Short Personal Bit:

When the world abandoned me, Tasnim was always there by my side. Her mere presence was the most comforting and consoling light in my life. We had such a strong bond that when she left this world, I felt my soul shatter because she took a piece of me with her; our souls were intertwined and I felt a hole in mine when she departed. I woke up one day and realized that I could no longer share in the company of the person that completed my world. She was one of the few people that accepted me for who I was, and was there for me through the greatest and darkest times in my life. She was more than my best friend, she was a part of my family. I cherish the decade of memories and love, and I am forever thankful I got to share irreplaceable moments with someone as extraordinary and unforgettable as Tasnim.

This world truly lost a ray of sunshine when Tasnim passed on. It’s hard to find all the right words to say because mere words will never be able to fully describe the extraordinary human being she was. Please remember to cherish the ones you love because you never know when your final moments with them will be. I love you, Tasnim. Rest in power. Rest in paradise. May we meet again when the time is right.

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