Coitus isn’t the only reason why babies are born. There are many factors involved, it includes the formation of fetus and sperm generation, all the biology is well known.

Those women who can’t give birth know much more. They consult doctors, women who gave birth, women trying for a baby and what not. They are the ones who examine the human biology and search for rare cases, where they can relate themselves. Here is one such case, where a woman from Brazil was born without Uterus. She knew she couldn’t be a mother until she chooses to adopt. Yet, the first baby born from a transplanted uterus was her baby. The uterus was transplanted to her and it worked. Magical indeed.

We all have dreams. When I was a kid, I never had a big dream in particular, but getting married and having kids was definitely not one of them. This was the case until I got to know I might have trouble in future. Until I got to know that the chances of me not having children are higher than having them.

“The twists and turns of your life can be so unexpected, and that’s a good thing to learn.” – Christina Baker Kline.

I still am young, energetic and capable of achieving a lot, before I can think of having a family.

But, why? I never asked this to myself. Because somehow I had the ideology in my head that I wouldn’t get to go ahead in my career once I get married. We have many powerful women prove that it isn’t the case. I read about them, I watch them talk, and still, living in a world with mothers staying full time at home made me feel the urgency of achieving everything I could, right now.

The Brazil woman, who had her first baby born┬ácase published in a journal “The Lancet Medical Journal,” could have lost hope because the previous 10 cases before her were a failure. But she made it.

With my enlightenment, I just realized that being a mother of a healthy kid is an achievement equal to your promotion or getting a better job. You would want your mother to be proud of you always. You can be prouder for your kid.