A video of a young 8-year-old girl reading Post-Its off her mirror went viral after her mother, creative writer Alexandra Elle, posted it on her Twitter.

“I am beautiful and black. I am smart. I am funny. I am vibrant. I am kind. I am honest. I am helpful. I am graceful. I am nice. I am proud to be brown. I am magical, unbreakable, and confident,” the young girl, Charleigh, spoke with ease.

It wasn’t a surprise when the tweet received instant love, acquiring over 127,000 retweets, and 200,000 likes. What made this self-love exercise special was the fact that Charleigh had been bullied in school because of her skin color. One would think that, after all this time, racism wouldn’t affect our schools, our children, or our lives. Unfortunately, racism is far from being tossed out the window. Knowing her daughter was a bit hurt by the comments, Elle took it upon herself to remind Charleigh how beautiful she was.

Each Post-It read an empowerment phrase, and by the end of the video, young Charleigh was beaming. Being a young black woman can sometimes be intimidating, especially knowing that there are individuals who will taunt and tease, and for no reason other than pure hatred instilled by family or society. Elle, a successful black writer, wanted to pass the positivity on to her daughter; a true advocate for self-love, Elle also launched the “Love Your Lines” campaign, embracing every woman to love themselves, and celebrate femininity.

Growing author, loving wife, and proud mother, Alexandra Elle captivated social media with her use of a self-love technique to show her daughter she is, and always will be worthy and enough.

She is one of the #KickAssWomen we all need to look up to.

To find out more about Alexandra Elle and her writing, her Twitter is https://twitter.com/_alexelle and her website is http://www.alexelle.com/.