The fight for equality, and the fight for freedom, the battle for getting our voices heard, and the fight for pursuing our dreams, is a fight that will go on.

Those women have played their part and contributed to making this society a better place for women to live in, especially for those who belong to the minority communities. Living in the modern world, in the age of diaspora, it is hard to be a woman with a skin of the earth’s colors and a tongue that rolls when we try not to speak our mother tongue, which we are ashamed of. However, those women were not extraordinary.

They were average women, like you and me. But the only contrivance that made them stand out among the others was their courage, determination, and commitment to fulfill their every goal. If they can accomplish their dreams, despite being different from the rest, so can you. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you come from. All that matters is what you hold inside. What is it that the world desperately needs? What do you have to offer and what is your story?

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