I’m going to take this opportunity to be raw, to be honest, to be me.

Writing for Women’s Republic has taught me so much; I have learned to explore the world. I have learned to ask questions. I have learned what controversial topics and opinions I support, and what I don’t support. I have learned to embrace my femininity. I have learned that the path of life is meant to be explored, questioned, and walked, not sped through. I have learned that learning is one of the best gifts; it opens doors I never envisioned existed. However, one thing I feel the public is missing, is knowing that I am human. I cry. I weep. I can be a masochist. I am stubborn. I get my heart broken. I stain my pillow with streaks of eyeliner. I become a pool of mascara. My hands shake. I stutter when nervous. I get butterflies. I am clumsy.

Once a week, I pour my heart into my writing, to bring quality content to a platform viewed by women. I can discuss controversial politics, or introduce pop culture, yet, you don’t know me. You don’t know how I view the world. You don’t know my story, my life, and for some of you, not even my name. There are weeks I am so hurt that getting out of bed is a chore. There are points throughout my busy days in which I want to give in, and climb into bed for days at a time. There are moments in which I don’t know how I will surpass, yet, somehow, I always do.

I’m not perfect. I’m not always sweet, and bubbly. I am honest, and blunt. I am strong-willed. I am incredibly emotional, yet cold to the touch, some may claim. My walls are built high and strong. I am trying each and every day to better myself, and reach complete inner peace. One day, I hope to inspire those around me, whether to chase their dreams, undergo recovery, or even take a small step towards their goals.

For so long, when asked to describe myself, I was never sure on what to say. I was always unsure on my place in the world. Today, I can proudly say that I am a woman who’s learning everyday how to deal with her emotions, how to talk through how she feels, and embracing each and every step of her recovery. This is me; truly, unapologetically, and proudly.

Thank you to all my wonderful ladies who also write for Women’s Republic for your continuous support, love, and inspiration.