Students, working men or women, unemployed parents or part-time workers, all of you are welcome to read the below article. Life is a crisis when you want to balance everything on one plate. Only following the three beautiful words RELAX, BREATHE and REPEAT made me calmer and I am sure they help thousands or millions of people all around the world.

Students have their studies, extra-curricular activities, part-time work to pay their own bills, hang out with a cool gang or a friend, have fun, create something new, get involved and be the one person who is unique and wonderful. Each and every task is an addition to your mind, body, and soul. Working hard, achieving goals is the highest priority for an individual. So is taking REST.

Even if you are a student or employed or unemployed, when it comes to the important things in your life, you make sure to put 100% of your efforts. That includes more tasks, which sometimes lead to the requirement of extra time. As I am writing this article, thousands of people are worried, tensed and panicky trying to push themselves forward more than what their body or mind can handle. Maybe, the unknown person beside you right now is suffering all alone, maybe your own brother or sister is tensed and you aren’t even aware of it.

Living in the fast-moving world, where every day you can see a new invention, new miracle and probably a new building beside your home, which was the same for the last 10 years until it was torn down today. Changes in climate are horrific, for which we are probably responsible. Living in such an era, it is very natural to get tensed and feeling low at times. Such people, including myself, don’t need complex stories or miracles to heal.

The only simple words are the following: RELAX, BREATHE and REPEAT. Sitting quietly and relaxing my mind, breathing peacefully and repeating it for a few minutes makes the whole day a better day.

I have always been a good companion, supporting my friends, acquaintances and sometimes unknown people too. For everyone, all I ever did was ask them to take care of themselves in simple ways, even if it is only for a few minutes. I am no doctor. But, I have seen people trusting me with this trick, and working on themselves, to make a stronger self.

If you observe someone is mentally stressed or tensed, make sure to advise these three important words. For every person, their personal problems are the greatest ones they can face. We might not be able to save them personally, but we can surely help in having a stabilized mind. This is not just for people who professionally work, it is for any individual who feel pressured and suffocated. The work doesn’t have to be bad to make you feel pressured, it only has to be more than what anyone can handle. Everyone deserves a break!

Advising people to practice those three words is enough to show ample compassion. Showing compassion in the form of support and togetherness as human.

“Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing… Relax and enjoy nature.”
― Melanie Charlene