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Silence grew in her A cancerous tumor starting from the warmth of her womanhood Spreading to her stomach Lungs Kidneys

Lifestyle & Arts

They Call Me Creature

They call me creature, those who come to dig their fingers into my flesh, those whose wanton ways leave me



I am more than the sum of my parts; More than the twisted tendrils encircling my toughened visage, More than

Mental Health

White Noise And The Wolf

And today, again, I greeted the wolf. “How was my white noise treating you today?” He said, “It was a


Violent Sheets & Other Poetry

This is something of a ‘debut’ article, so I’ll begin my contributing role by sharing some poetry and lyrics that


This Is Why I Fight

I fight for my 8th grade teacher, who thought she was nothing without her husband. I fight for the girl

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